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Brian ‘Keys’ Tharme aka BKT

Unlike most House producers, Brian comes from a musician background rather than having started out as a DJ. In the mid-80s, he was a  founder member and keyboardist of the Brit Funk band called “Private Funk-Shun” which featured a fledgling Angie Brown as a backing vocalist, then in 1987, he formed the “Tony Bartelli Jazz Quartet” playing piano and pursuing his love of all things Jazz. This band expanded to a six-piece known as “Jaszamba” playing latin, funk and fusion styles until the end of the 80’s.

In the early ’90s Brian started work on dance music production, and in 1993 met his soon to be partner  Gavin “DJ Face” Mills. This new partnership  went on to form the legendary Catch Productions record label and studio. This was a golden period for Brian, and during this time Catch Productions collaborated with most of their fellow pioneers in the UK Garage scene and released several hits such as “Just Gets Better” by TJR and “Bad Boys Move in Silence” under the name Baffled Republic .

Through their collaboration with Tuff Jam, Brian became their session keyboard player of choice, and went on to do sessions with Bobbi & Steve, Booker T and Dave Lee (Joey Negro) to mention just a few. Gavin “Face” Mills went on to form Copyright.

Brian then  spent a couple of years around the late 90s collaborating with Richie Malone, Phil Drummond and Bobbi and Steve, but then decided to take a break to devote  time to his young family.

Currently, an online session keyboard player, working with such notaries as Groove Assassin, John Morales and Beat Rivals as well as a host of others. See

Now back on the scene with his fresh take on the ‘original UK Garage’ this promises to be an exciting time for BKT.

A full discography can be found at