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Off to Vocal Booth Weekender

So this Friday (flight at 6.30 AM I might add!) I am off to the Vocal Booth Weekender event in southern Spain. Looking forward to spend a few days renewing old acquaintances and making many more, I’m sure.

The high light for us as a label, will surely be Memzee performing ‘Shakedown’ on Friday night at Club Xairo along with the current single we have on South East Studios record label ‘Love Somebody’. We’ve done a special VBW edit of the PA mix to include the broken down version of ‘Shakedown’ performed in my living room recently. You may have seen the clip on Facebook.

Also, a chosen few VB Dj’s have received an up front exclusive of the forthcoming release from Lain Gray ‘Dance’. There’s two versions to be included on the release.. a classic soulful house version with all its glossy musicality and a deep, bumpy dub that’s probaly less pool-side and more club dance floor. Either way, we’re sure that’s gonna hit the spot.

So on that note, we’re packing up and getting ready for a few eventful days.. Stay locked!

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